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Patricia Doucet

Visual Artist

Patricia Doucet is native of Shawinigan. She began studying interior design in 2005 and has been working in the field for ten years. She moved to Montreal in 2008 and fell in love with the diversity, culture and artistic environment that this city offers. Her career in the art world has been gradual through the years. Her curiosity and desire to create led her to experiment with different avenues. By going through the drawing of observation and the painting, the paper arrived quite early in the process. Since then, she develops her art and comes to find a style of her own. Patricia began exhibiting her work to the general public in 2016, and her first gallery exhibition came to her in the spring of 2017, which led her to exhibit at various events in the United States.

Artistic Approach

Fascinated by the world of fashion from a young age, Patricia explores the magazines being thrilled by the creations of the designers, the photographs and the modeling. It is among these pages that she has found a real potential for creativity and that she has become a collage artist. 

She uses the experience of these papers to tell her own story through mosaics. She interprets structured forms inspired from a perspective seen in a landscape in nature or in the city center. The texture of the paper gives depth to her works and encourages intrigue.